Sorry for the late post, this wasn't the planned "two days" that I initially had. I had trouble thinking of a solid concept so I just dove into things and started blocking things out and this is what I ended up with. 

I guess the idea behind it is to make her a highly stylized paper girl that would be seen in a game like Jet Set Radio or anything to the like. This is the style I'm most comfortable with and enjoy the most so it was a relief to get away from realism for a little bit. Keep in mind the majority of this is for blocking out and conception so some of this may change. Most of the clothes will be retopoed (which I've never done before :'[ ) then I'll get into the fun stuff like folds and details.

I still have to model a paper bag/backpack, roller blades and several accessories. I really want her appearance to sell the character at first glance and for the viewer to know her personality in the first few seconds. Once I pose her I'll be adding some emotion to her face to hopefully have a solid piece by the time I render her out.

Now will I finish the modeling and posing by Sunday? Who knows but I really hope I have a solid render by the time I leave for GDC.

No way for you guys to know without coloring or having the same brain as me but those are going to be striped long socks on her legs ;].