Its been way too long since I posted but on the bright side I've made some good progress on the character I started a week or so ago.  With GDC out of the way I can kick back into action with more momentum than ever. After a good week of not working on anything while in San Francisco I'm eager to finish this character up and hopefully by the end of it I will have a portfolio piece. Still working out the overall design and by early next week I should be at the stage where I will be posing her for a clean render. Something simpler like, but not restricted to flyingtuntun's work on CGHUB is the goal for this piece. (EX: So by the end of it all maybe Ill finally have something I'm satisfied with. I'm also changing gears a bit for my future projects and plan on taking more time on them to have cleaner and more polished pieces. This could affect my frequent updates but at the end of the day I care about having a solid portfolio that represents my skill set properly.